Diablo immortal

Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal Flop

Stay a while and listen: on November 2nd, 2018 mere minutes after BlizzCon’s opening ceremonies, a gaming first occurred. The first worldwide, public stream of

Diablo 2 cosplay

Our Top 3 favourite Diablo 2 Cosplays so far

Performance artists with a guerrilla streak, these combinations of performer and costume designer aren’t some unknown subculture: Cosplayers are pop culture icons in the flesh!

Bitcoin 101: What is Bitcoin?

What is BitCoin? BitCoin is the first decentralized crypto-currency. This means a few things. First, that there is no organization or country that backs it.

diablo 2 forums

Diablo 2 Forums

Diablo 2 forums around the web are very popular among the community as they provide many benefits to the players. It is the best way

Armor and Weapons

  You can find Normal Items everywhere throughout all difficulty levels of the game. Also, you can find them by gambling or at town merchants.

diablo 2 horadric cube recipes

Horadric Cube Recipes

Except for the basic Recipes in Diablo 2, you can craft also a wide variety of useful items, using the Horadric Cube. For doing so,

diablo 2 horadric cube

Horadric Cube

The Horadric Cube is a quest item that you will obtain in Act II and you can use it to complete several quests. Also, it’s

diablo 2 rare items

Rare and Magic items

Rare Items Although they are much less common, Rare Items are more powerful than the standard Magic items. A Rare item appears under a yellow

diablo 2 crafted items

Crafted Items

Crafted items (orange title) are similar to Rare Items, but you cannot find them through gambling, Monster drops or in Chests. You can only create

diablo 2 items

Items: Basics

Item Management Since Diablo 2 allows for a small inventory for each character, you will have to manage your items constantly. Also, you will have

Diablo 2 towndumpwearbear build

Maul Bear/ Towndump Werebear Build

The Town Dump Werebear is an improved version of the Maul Bear build. It’s a hybrid Druid build that relies on the Maul skill and the Werebear

Diablo 2 flamethrower build

Flamethrower Build

Flamethrower with a Tank is a Diablo 2 Druid build that is similar to Fire Druid but it removes the Armageddon in order to invest points in

diablo 2 beastmasterbuild

Beastmaster Build

The Beastmaster or Hunter is a Diablo 2 Druid build that invests points on the summoning skill tree and relies only on the summoned minions.

Diablo 2 windy build

Wind Druid Build

Wind Druid Build (or Windys) uses the physical and cold spells of the Elemental skill tree. These skills such as Hurricane and Tornado synergize with each

diablo 2 hybrid werewolf build

Fury / Hybrid Werewolf Build

The Fury Werewolf is a Druid build that focuses on the skills Fury and Werewolf while having a very large Health pool. It has the ability to reach more than 5,000 health

diablo 2 fireclaws werewolf build

Fireclaws Werewolf/ Werebear Build

Fireclaws Druid is a build that relies on the Fireclaws skill along with the Werebear or Werewolf form.  However, the Fireclaws/Werebear combination seems to be

diablo 2 rabies werewolf

Rabies Werewolf Build

The Rabies Druid or Rabies Werewolf is a druid build in Diablo 2 that relies on the Rabies skill. It often attacks using the hit-and-run strategy. The Rabies Druid

Fire Druid Build

Fire Druid

The Fire Druid Build focuses on the fire skills from the Elemental skill tree. This Druid build is similar to the Wind Druid, but it’s not as popular

diablo 2 natural summoner build

Natural Summoner Build

A Natural Summoner is a Diablo 2 Druid build that relies on the Elemental and Summoning skill trees. It utilizes spells like Molten Boulder and Fissure while keeping enemies distance with Dire Wolves,

diablo 2 ranger build

Ranger Build

The Ranger is a Diablo 2 Paladin build that uses Crossbows or Bows as the primary weapon. Also, this type of Paladin utilizes its Auras (such as Fanaticism, Conviction, Holy

diablo 2 pindlesdin build

Pindlesdin Build

The Pindlesdin Paladin is a build designed as an efficient and cheap way to kill Pindleskin Boss (Undead). Its main skill is Holy Bolt. This skill can only damage undead monsters,

diablo 2 novamancer build

Novamancer Build

The Diablo 2  Novamancer is a  Necromancer build that has the ability to take down large groups of monsters using a combination of Poison Nova and Lower Resist. This

diablo 2 Ultimancer build

Ultimancer Build

The Ultimancer (or Amplify Damage Necro) is a special kind of Necromancer build. It takes advantage of a specific combo that is often referred to as

diablo 2 hybridmancer build

Hybridmancer Build

The Hybridmancer is a Necromancer build that combines the spells of the Bonemancer with the summoning capabilities of the Summonmancer to overwhelm his enemies. The hybrid build balances between defense and

diablo 2 explosionmancer

Explosionmancer Build

The Explosionmancer or Explomancer is a Diablo 2 Necromancer build that relies on the skill Corpse Explosion. Pros: Corpse Explosion is an extremely powerful spell as it can deal

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